PTA President’s Letter

Hello and welcome to River Ridge Elementary!
My name is Susan Kinard and I have the privilege to be the 2017-2019 President of the PTA.  Whether this is your first baby going to kinder or your final little one leaving the nest, we are SO excited to have you join the Rattler family!
While ALL the Steiner Ranch elementary schools are wonderful, we think River Ridge is extraordinary, we DREAM BIG here.  We want your children to DREAM BIG and we want you to DREAM BIG!!  Our fearless leader Mrs. Roberts has a vision for their future.  It is BIG, it is powerful, and it is innovative.  The teachers and support staff share her vision and they all work together to achieve it!!
So what is my role as President?  Support and Encouragement... simply, that is it!!  I have the honor to find ways to make all of these ideas a reality.  However, it is not as simple as it seems...LISD has rules we strictly follow, after all this is for our children's education.  But I am not alone; we have a full board of energetic and diverse people to share their opinions and ideas, to achieve our success.
So what is your role?  This is simple too...get involved!!  Join our PTA, have a stronger voice.  If you don't like something, work with us and help us change it.  DREAMING BIG comes in all shapes, thoughts, and voices and they all start out with an idea.  Help us help your children's teachers.  We are not here for accolades; we are ONLY here for the Rattlers, because we love each and every one of them.
PTA Membership is encouraged and open to everyone.  This is not an exclusive organization, the more the merrier.  The PTA works hard to supplement what LISD cannot offer.  Many PTA members work tireless hours, but it is all for the teachers and students at River Ridge.
WE WANT YOU!  WE NEED YOU!  We have endless opportunities for our PTA members.  Tell us your talent and we will put it to good use.  We know you love your kids and want to offer them the world; so do we.  Please join us to help our school not only DREAM BIG but to ACHIEVE all the BIG DREAMS!
Again, welcome to the best school around, we are so glad you are here!
Most sincerely,
Susan Kinard
River Ridge PTA President